Wow!  Just finished passing through the park, hearing the sounds of children laughing, running; chasing each other around the pool; some learning to swim;  others more advanced than I may ever be.  (Sigh)  Oh!  The simple pleasures of life.  For the young ones, the biggest pleasure is the beach or the pool in the summer time.  For us oldsters, making some extra money to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

Vacation.  Just what does that mean to you?  For me, it’s about freedom from a time clock and having to meet unwelcome but necessary demands.  If there is one word in the whole dictionary that makes us universally smile it’s that word, VACATION.  It’s never long enough.  You never get to do everything you planned for as long as you planned, BUT, it’s time you worked and studied hard for.

Vacation time is a time to do your thing in your own way but, just don’t blow off your values.  Hold on!  Just listen.  I’m not trying to short circuit your fun quotient.  Just keep using wisdom.  (If it means prophylactics, it may be a compromise but, better than becoming a letter statistic:  HIV, HPV, etc.)

Enjoy yourself, dear friend, with activities that you won’t regret looking back on years later.  Funny thing, the physical ends, but the memories stay forever.



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