Sistas, Everything is But for a Season

Does summer linger on for a year?  Of course not!  The days may fry like bacon but gradually it gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the leaves fall off of trees.

Does the winter wonderland linger until July?  Of course not!  Can the weather get unseasonably cold?  YES!  Can the winter blast hit one more time in mid spring?  YES!  But we won’t have snow falling in July.

The season of a friendship; a chance encounter with someone who befriends you for a time.  I think of an acquaintance who encouraged me to be myself and write from the heart.  I looked forward to more conversations; more inspiration, but they went their way.  I realized the season had come to an end, and that person was positioned in my life for the season where I was overwhelmed and doubting my talents.

And finally,

When the season is over,  don’t look back, don’t reach back,                           don’t try to repeat the season, or you may get a nightmare.       Keep looking forward and look up, your redemption draweth nigh.

Love and kisses,



RX for a Healthy Love Life

Good Lord’s day morning to all of you.  Truly, it is great to be alive.  If I sound a bit more exuberant, it is because of changes I have made to my existence, if just for a few days.  For one, I AM ON VACATION!  Yeah!  I left the northeast for a 5 day hiatus in Colorado Springs.  I know I’ve been stressing over details in my professional life, but I had to take a break and fly away, literally.  Ran the treadmill, slept 9 hours, ate leisurely.  If your physical and mental health is in order, so will be your love life.  Healthy women attract healthy men.  If the mind flow is positive, even if a negative vibe comes in, it will only last a minute because, as the saying goes, misery loves company, and joy will drive out the negativity.  To all of you ladies out there who may have spent your summer without a beau;  love your Creator, who will show you how to love yourself, and you will have the wisdom and strength to attract real love!

Love and kisses,

The Butterfly Effect

It is said that decisions build on top of one another until they create your destiny.  Think, “butterfly effect.”  About 50 years ago, Edward Lorenz, a scientist, posited that the butterfly could flap its wings and set molecules of air in motion that could eventually create a hurricane on the other side of the world.   It was initially laughed at by the New York Academy of Science as ridiculous.  Years later, physics professors proved this theory was accurate and viable.

What are some examples of the butterfly effect when you want to escape or prevent devastation caused by unhealthy relationships?  For starters, you can delete phone numbers.  Don’t look at them one more time lest you remember them.                                                                                                                                          Decline the call when you recognize the number.                                                                 Find some new activities; develop new skill sets.  Soon, you’ll realize that the recurring thoughts are gone!  It may be a week, a month, or a new season already and you haven’t thought about or even mentioned him.   You are being transformed, like the caterpillar, into the butterfly you were meant to be.                  Congratulate yourself!

“If any man, (or woman) be in Christ they are a new creature.  Old things are passed away and behold, all things are become new.”  (II Cor. 5:17)



View from the Correct Lens

If you wear corrective lenses, as I do, you know that you must have the right prescription.  When your corrective lenses are incorrect, will see a haze when it should be clear.  Objects may be indistinct.  Think of having the wrong rx when you are driving.  Oh-oh!   Sideswipe another vehicle.  Hit a pedestrian; get stuck on some railroad tracks–All because you did not view from the correct lens.

The correct lens will help you see a thief with his hand in your pocket down the road, when you saw him only as a sugar daddy.  Give with one hand, but take from the other.                                                                                                                                        Have you, dear reader, ever viewed life from an incorrect lens?  If so, what had you thought you were viewing?  What did it turn out to be?  What corrective action, if any, did you take?  Leave a message and then we can talk.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.                                                                                                                                                     FineChocolate58


Valentine’s Day, Fine Chocolate; and Temptation on the College Campus

It’s beginning ever so slowly to start looking and feeling like spring.  Today, the weather was above freezing and the sun was shining a bit longer.  Since I am a chocoholic I gazed longingly at some Perugina chocolates at Walgreen’s but I passed it up for now, anyway.  Something about this wonderful time of the year as we approach Valentine’s Day and the beginning of spring semester in the high school and college campuses across America, it’s beautiful, and temptation is lurking at the same time.  Let us look at Kim’s story…                                          

(The doorbell rings, Kim answers, and tips the delivery guy $2.  Eric gets up and divvies up the order between the two of them.  As he’s divvying up the order, Kim feels suddenly very attached to him and reaches for his hand.  “Babe, I can’t eat if you hold my right hand.  Well, maybe I’ll eat with my fork in my left hand and my baby on my right.  (They begin to embrace and lean down towards the couch.  “Eric wait, not now, Kim murmured as Eric slid his slim tapered fingers down her blouse.  She began to feel powerful, pulsating sensations that she never felt before with such intensity.  It took everything within her to push Eric away and catch her breath).

Professor Bahna’s class is really a killer”, Kim thought.  There’s so much politics involved in Urban Planning, it’s amazing anything gets done.”  At that thought she smiled at Eric’s pontification about the masses being held down by the ruling one percent.  “That’s my boo, Kim purred to herself, always fighting for a cause.  (Sighing)  “I sure wish he would spend more time for me instead of always trying to save the masses.  Oh, but when he holds me and kisses me, it just feels as if everything will be alright.                                                                                                       (Excerpt from A Fine Piece of Chocolate:  Righteous Sistas Crossing Over to the Wild Side, pp. 76-79)                                                                                                                                               (Question:  Is sex always inevitable in college dating relationships?  If so, how does it impact on academic achievement?)     I’d be interested in hearing from the college bound on this topic, and the post college, as well.

Love and kisses,


I Am Not a Road

Roadways and travel are the trending topic these past few days because of the weather. Even living in a climate of four seasons, brutally cold weather, (even when it is seasonable) is a conversation piece.   And speaking of conversations, we ladies have been called many things–chicks, cougars, Jezebels, Delilahs, (along with other names I don’t care to mention).

How about a road?                                                                                                                 A what??                                                                                                                                See, when you look back at your life and see a series of playas that got over, you have to make this affirmation a part of your life so that it doesn’t happen again!  Say, “I am not a road:  I won’t let these cars run all over me.                 Back up!  U- turn.