RX for a Healthy Love Life

Good Lord’s day morning to all of you.  Truly, it is great to be alive.  If I sound a bit more exuberant, it is because of changes I have made to my existence, if just for a few days.  For one, I AM ON VACATION!  Yeah!  I left the northeast for a 5 day hiatus in Colorado Springs.  I know I’ve been stressing over details in my professional life, but I had to take a break and fly away, literally.  Ran the treadmill, slept 9 hours, ate leisurely.  If your physical and mental health is in order, so will be your love life.  Healthy women attract healthy men.  If the mind flow is positive, even if a negative vibe comes in, it will only last a minute because, as the saying goes, misery loves company, and joy will drive out the negativity.  To all of you ladies out there who may have spent your summer without a beau;  love your Creator, who will show you how to love yourself, and you will have the wisdom and strength to attract real love!

Love and kisses,