Decisions determine your destiny! (Tis the season to be–safe!)

Good day all!

This is, in a sense, the most wonderful time of the year.  All the young college folks preparing for the winter break, making trips back home.  Well, here is a little feedback that you can chew on as you make your travel plans:  (1) Be careful of distractions that can only detour you. 

The Buckeye state’s Ohio State University campus was alive with a flurry of activity around the upcoming holiday season.  Even Arneatha cut down on her jabs about Kim being a “goody two shoes.”  The festive decorations throughout the campus reflected the diversity of its students and created a sense of excitement within Kim.  “I feel as if I belong now”, Kim explained as she shared her testimony at the Fisher of Men Club.  “Jesus wants us to be fishers of men, and I don’t feel that little out of place feeling I sometimes felt when I first arrived on campus a little over three months ago.”  There were smiles and nods of affirmation and murmurs of “praise the Lord” and “amen” throughout the room in Emerson hall.  The students played Yolanda Adams and Amy Grants CDs as well as Asian songs sung in Chinese and Korean.  The melody and harmony conveyed a peaceful, reverential tone.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Kim strolled across the campus to her dorm room, humming Silent Night.  A smiling Kim turns the lock to her dorm room, and her eyes immediately fell upon the half consumed beer bottles.  Arneatha and her friends, some of whom were unfamiliar to Kim were seated around the small kitchen table amidst half consumed bottles of Coors beer.  Arneatha immediately took note of the small bible in Kim’s left hand and that she stopped smiling upon seeing the beer bottles.                                                            (Excerpt from:  A Fine Piece of Chocolate:  Righteous Sistas Crossing Over to the Wild Side,  Point #2 Distractions Take Away From Your Destiny                  Westbow Press, 2013 ISBN# 978-1-4497-9109-4

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