Make deposits of Praise

Make deposits in your praise bank; For then you will have true success.           (Jacqueline R Banks)

This is for real.  I found out the other day that I am really a millionaire:  Not by inheritance, not by winnings, but by looking past dollars and cents.  See, when I work grueling hours, and my physical body gets stronger, that’s wealth.  When the pressures of life squeeze me like a baby passing through his mother’s birth canal, but I am still joyful, that’s wealth!                                Mental and physical stamina, plus faith, equals wealth.  See, a man or woman cannot build wealth if they are fatigued, stressed out.  Keep on living like that, it only leads to poverty or just barely getting by.  Keep on living in the atmosphere of praise, and watch that creative energy flow!  That energy will lead you into prosperity, and hence, wealth.                      (If this post has inspired you in some way, or you wish to share your own victory story, please, please drop me a line in the contact form).

Jacqueline R Banks a/k/a      finechocolate58

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