Start the New Year With a Ring!

Good morning friends and readers

Just got through listening to Glenn Stanton, author of:  The Ring Makes All the Difference, give a series of excellent and compelling reasons for traditional marriage over cohabitation.  Dear friends, I’m not finger pointing, ’cause, to be perfectly honest, I can’t claim to be a “righteous Sally”, but there is something to be said about that ring which symbolizes commitment, followed by that solemn and beautiful covenant called marriage.

Cohabiting males are 4x more likely to cheat; the women report being less secure and sadly, for many of these couples, the marriages are less secure, which says there is a “weed” at the basis of cohabitation, which is lack of commitment.          Let this year 2015, be the year of commitment for you, dear reader, who says, “it’s love, and love doesn’t need a ring.”  If it is love, then, why not the ring?                  I love you enough to give you something to think about.  Beyonce even said, put a ring on it, and that resonated with the hip and streetwise.

Enjoy the rest of the day, and only do those activities that will enhance your life, and weed out those things that will weaken your life.


Fine Chocolate58

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