Knowing When Your Chocolate is the Wrong Flava and Move On

Good evening friends and fans:

The chocolateism of the day is:  know when your chocolate is the wrong flava and move on.  As I’m sitting here nursing my fifth cup of hot chocolate, trying to ease the pain of my broken wrist, all of this physical discomfort still cannot compare to the pain of a broken heart.  Even as March is Women’s History month, women at home in America can be oppressed in matters of the heart, and soul tie themselves into bondage.  Never mind Fifty Shades of Grey.  Consider the dilemma of this college co-ed:  “Professor Bahna’s class is really a killer,” Kim thought.  There’s so much politics involved in Urban Planning, it’s amazing anything gets done. ”  At that thought she smiled at Eric’s pontification about the masses being held down by the ruling one percent.  “That’s my boo, Kim purred to herself, always  fighting for a cause.  (Sighing)   “I sure wish he would spend more time with me insead of always trying to save the masses.  Oh,  but when he holds me and kisses me, it just feels as if everything will be allright.”  Just then, her phone vibrated and she automatically picked up.  “Hey boo,” came Eric’s tenor voice over the phone.  Whatcha doin’ this Saturday?  (Kim’s heart skipped a beat and she brightened at the thought of them being together, one on one.

“The Sole-A-Dad Trio just finished cutting their CD, “The Acts of Man.”  Just want to know if my boo wants to come and show some love and support__(Kim felt some sinking disappointment at the thought of being one of many in a crowd, and after nearly two weeks of Eric being busy with his pet projects, she was hoping for something like a dinner date but alas, that wasn’t to be.)

“Kim!”  Eric asked, somewhat sharply.  “You with me or what?  I just asked you if you want to come on and show some support at Clayton Hall this Saturday?”  (Not wanting to share her feelings as the timing would be wrong, Kim forced some hppiness in her voice and brightly said, “sure Eric, I’ll be there for you!  What time is it?)

(To be continued next week.  Question for the night, on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being awful and 5 being excellent, how would you rate Kim and Eric’s relationship?)  Above excerpt taken from:  A Fine Piece of Chocolate:  Righteous Sistas Crossing Over to the Wild Side ISBN 978-1-4497-9109-4, Westbow Press, May 2013)

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