Sistas, Everything is But for a Season

Does summer linger on for a year?  Of course not!  The days may fry like bacon but gradually it gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the leaves fall off of trees.

Does the winter wonderland linger until July?  Of course not!  Can the weather get unseasonably cold?  YES!  Can the winter blast hit one more time in mid spring?  YES!  But we won’t have snow falling in July.

The season of a friendship; a chance encounter with someone who befriends you for a time.  I think of an acquaintance who encouraged me to be myself and write from the heart.  I looked forward to more conversations; more inspiration, but they went their way.  I realized the season had come to an end, and that person was positioned in my life for the season where I was overwhelmed and doubting my talents.

And finally,

When the season is over,  don’t look back, don’t reach back,                           don’t try to repeat the season, or you may get a nightmare.       Keep looking forward and look up, your redemption draweth nigh.

Love and kisses,