Chocolateism of the Day–When you have to Let it Go, Let it Go With a Smile

Have you ever had to let go of something that you really, really wanted?  Life happened, and out of necessity caused by the situation you are in, it became best to let it go.  Well, that happened to me this year.  Mortgage problems, no money for repairs, no way, no how.  Time to put ‘er up for sale–Let it go!

Letting go of something you’ve grown comfortable with is such a hard thing!  We are such creatures of habit, that letting go of relationships that we have grown comfortable with, be it a house in need of repair or a person in need of repair, can be more traumatic than a mouth full of aching teeth.  And speaking of teeth, let it go with a smile.  That’s right.  Smile!  Your ability to smile in the midst of heartache or disappointment is your victory.  You’re really saying, through that smile, “I have the victory.

  • It was great living here.  (smile)
  • Time to say goodbye.  (smile)
  • The neighbors were great! (smile)
  • New location, new opportunities.  (smile)
  • Had some good years.  (smile)
  • Time to go.  (smile)
  • I wish you well.  (smile)
  • Good things come to those who believe.  (smile)